Harout Balyan was born on April 12, 1979 in Yerevan, Armenia. He is the third child in his family of four children. Growing up as a child, Harout always had a great passion for music and singing. At the age of ten, Harout and his family immigrated to the United States; and that’s when his desire grew stronger for becoming a singer, producing music and having his very own album. Despite some obstacles, Harout did not give up on his dream; deep down inside he knew that life would put him on the right path and guide him on a journey of making his dream a reality by becoming a well-known and appreciated singer.

In 1997, after graduating high school, Harout attended college majoring in Computer Science. After obtaining his degree, Harout went on to become a successful computer technician. As much as Harout’s career was working out for him, he still wanted to follow his heart which was guiding him into becoming a great singer. At that point in his life, he began prioritizing his dreams and career.

In July of 2003, at the age of 24, Harout’s dream turned into reality with the guidance and support from his musician friends. He began recording his very first album titled, “Ser Qez Lini”. The album’s success and ratings were phenomenal. Harout’s unique voice, his beautiful music and being the writer of his own lyrics captured many listeners’ hearts for good. All of his songs were loved by audiences at every age, especially the love songs which were becoming hit songs. The Armenian community began to realize Harout’s talent and embraced all of his music.

Harout went on to record many more successful albums-five of them to be exact, and over 20 music video’s which are loved by each and every fan of Harout. Harout has had numerous sold-out concerts both in the United States and in Armenia. He continued to provide his absolute best and hopes to perform for all the Armenians throughout the world.

It has been quite an exciting journey for Harout. With all the effort, hard-work  and dedication to his music he never gave up on his dream and devoted his life to singing. He knew that no matter how his life turned out singing would always be a part of it. Harout is a very kind and a warm-hearted person who is respected, and his smile is always present on his face.

Harout thanks his family for believing in him and always being supportive every step of the way. His love for his family is unconditional and he hopes of having his own family someday. Harout thanks God for providing  him the gift of voice. He also thanks his friends for being by his side and assisting him in all possible ways. His music & lyrics leaves a lasting impression on his listeners’ hearts. Harout feels honored and blessed with the amount of success he has achieved so far. May every star continue to shine on Harout and may success always be in abundance in his life.